USB Storage - MicroSD Card becoming unreadable!

I am using a Sandisk 128GB MicroSD Card in a USB adapter to store mu Music library.

The 128GB Card is formatted as ExFAT by default but gives me the option of NTFS. (I chose ExFAT since NTFS is a Windows Format and I bevieve that it is not supported by Linux - but could be wrong.)

My problem is that I have had the card become unreadable by Volumio and have had to re-Format it and reload it three times in about 10 days. Is this possibly a bad Card ot is ExFAT not a valid format for Volumio? … or is there some other cause?

Both exfat and NTFS should be fine. I would question the card, USB adapter, and possibly the quality of your power supply. Something is definitely not right though. You don’t give any details, but is the USB adapter a “cheap import”?

The Card is straight out of a sealed SanDisk blister pack. The Adapter is a Generic one I bought off eBay and yes, I have had these fail before. The Power Supply is rock solid at 5.2V and is capable of delivering 3Amps.

Do you have to “Shutdown” Volumio before switching off? … or is it safe to switch it off when inactive? I suspect that I am doing something wrong - but what?

Thank you for your prompt response, Robin

Volumio writes to the sd card are minimal. Not good practice, but we all power down without a proper shutdown at times. I don’t know, but suspect your adapter. SD cards do fail though :wink:

just grab a usb stick for you storage…

I want to share the solution to my problem which turned out to be that the MicroSD to USB Adapters that I was using were only suitable for MicroSD and MicroSDHC but NOT for MicroSDXC Cards.

The Generic adapters are marked as MicroSD but I have now found Branded adapters from Integral which are specified as MicroSDXC compatible though at £3.99 each, they are considerably more expensive than the Generic Ones.