usb speakers no sound ?

hi guys ive installed volumio all is well apart from no sound from the usb speakers I bought though sound does come from lcd tv in living room im using volumio out my kitchen wirelessly with an old flat screen monitor but it has no hdmi or speakers to I have a dvi to hdmi that why I need my speakers to work many thanks

Please check if your USB Speakers have a DAC integrated.
Then you could select DAC (or the name of the DAC) in Menu->Playback->Audio Output.
At the same page you can configure to use the 3,5mm audio output by Choosing Menu->Playback->Audio Output->ALSA
Maybe you could post the name of the usb speakers you are using.

A silly question, I think, but I do have to ask: all of those speakers offer 2 connectors at Crystal Break Official, Cinch/RCA red and white. The DAC offers white und red connectors, too, but only two of them, not 4 connectors for 2 speakers.

This USB speaker is just awesome. I have heared about it also from HP Laptop Troubleshooting page.