USB Memory not accessible with Volumio 2.029

USB Memory f.e.g. a Memory Stick is not accessible with Volumio 2.029 (RasPi).

The used Stick, f.e.g. named Stick-1, then is seen in Volumio as Stick-1_ next time Stick-1__ and so on.
So Playlists no more accessible because there the saved path is
“service”: “mpd”,
“uri”: "USB/Stick-1/DSD_ …

and not Stick-1_/DSD_ …

It seems that the content in /media/stick-1 will not be deleted changed at replacing the same stick (memory)
but generated a new folder with attached underline character. So after a while in /media You will find

and so on.
Volumio takes only the last folder for use.