USB Library

Just reinstalled Volumio on my RP 3. Still have the same problem as why I uninstalled it and installed another program. I have a USB drive connected to my RP. Volumio starts loading the songs off the drive and then halts and just grinds away for hours. Any suggestions?


Might have this figured out. Seems Volumio library does not like certain characters in library names. Will keep on modifying names to see what happens. Seems to be loading ok for now. [ and other symbols caused the loading library to hang up.

Strange, I have never encountered any issues with symbols in file paths. Not with a usb-hdd connected directly, nor via my NAS share.

Did you leave Volumio to scan the entire library before playing music? With a large collection that might take some time.

The library scanned when I changed some of the symbols. Also found there were some songs that volumio did not like and would not continue until they were erased. Took all day, but finally have the library populated.

Do you have details of the original names that were causing problems?