USB LCD1602 and Volumio2


Has anyone successfully connected a LCD1602 to Volumio2 to display current song etc., and can this be done on a Raspberry Pi 3?
If so, does anyone have a good guide / any tips on how to get this to work :/?



You oughta search the forums, that question has been asked a couple of time. :wink:
And yes it’s possible, there are (at the very least) two plugins available; just look for LCD or HD44780 or 16x2.

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I can’t get this to work, tried to install lcdproc and searched the net for a guide to someone how has successfully gotten a USB LCD1602 to work with Volumio 2 and raspberry pi, can’t really find any good guides…
Sorry if I’m missing something, if someone know a good guide to get a USB LCD1602 to work with volumio 2 and can point me towards that guide I would be really thankful!


Ok, I have gotten the LCD2USB to work with lcdproc, so the HD44780 displays text.
I’ve then downloaded the Saiyato hd44780-plugin and installed it directly in volumio 2 under plugins menu in the browser, is this correct?

I’ve also installed mpdlcd

sudo pip install mpdlcd

But, seems like the plugin is made for gpio board’s, not the lcd2usb versions och lcd displays, has anyone gotten the plugin working with the usb versions of hd44780 display?