USB-HDD: standby time

Hi community,

i’m new to this forum but using volumio now for about half a year in combination with the wolfson audio card.
Because volumio has become my main audio device connected to my hifi system, i’ve got my whole collection on an usb-hdd and running for many hours. I’ld like to suggest a standard standby time for usb-hdds (e.g. 5min) to reduce the power usage and hard drive on-time.
What do you think about that? Did i forget something?

Kind regards from Germany

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the standyby/power-saving mode is mostly controller by you HDD’s internal controller.

Yes and no, Yes many options are on the hdd’s controller, on Linux you can even edit some of those, but thats not the question at hand.

For the spindown, youll need hdparm, that controls the idle time / spin down time of the hdd’s.
I don’t know this for certain, but i believe this isn’t installed or enabled.

the hdd should spin down (after a while) if you press the stop button.
if you press the pause button it will stays spinning.

Thanks for your replies,

in my case it’s a western digital hdd-controller which doesn’t spin down the hard drive. i also cannot manually let it spin down by command line, wd doesn’t give out any status.


edit: MobeyDuck was right - hdparm can’t access the hdd controller