USB Hard Drive Volumio Primo

Hi there,

tomorrow I will get my Volumio Primo Hifi Edition and have the following questions:

  • Have stored my Music Library on 4TB Hard Drive which is formated in NTFS… Can I keep it, so the Primo can read it, or must it be formated in fat…??

thx a lot!!!

Yes you can keep it… however getting to be able to drop files on it across a network is a faff. I got mine working after weeks of trying and I’m not sure which trick fixed it.

I assume it was formatted on a mac? If so ensure- while drive is connected to mac: that users are set to read and write (Command I), and make sure enclosing folders are the same using the dropdown menu below. Then check “ignore ownership on this volume
Screenshot 2020-03-19 at 15.32.48.png

I too will get mine today. Valuable tip.

I dont understand why the primo manual is silent on attaching USB hdd eith music library. I have spent 2 hours until i finally ran into your tip.

Question. Now that you have that set up. How do you add music to your library? Do you have to unmount, power down volumio, attach to you computer, copy new files, the reattach and mount?

If you use the network, how do you go about sharing it from the primo so you can mount it over the network?

Again, Volumio ignored this subject in the manual.

Mount Volumio onto Mac desktop using SMB address (go > connect to server > smb://volumio.local and drag and drop on hard drive under USB.

Ps they didn’t so much ignore it - rather it’s a pain explain and manage. Not straightforward sadly.

Plus adding a drive is ok as long as the drive runs on a low current and doesn’t overload a SBC power supply. In order to make sure it doesn’t, use a self powered (non-usb) powered HD or SSD or a powered USB hub between drive and SBC.

Having said that I have found some USB powered drives that don’t overload the power supply - eg Samsung SSD T5. But it still depends on the supply you use and how hungry the SBC, drive and DAC are. All up they must run under 2.5amps-3amps on most of the latest Power supplies. Steer clear of IFi Power which does struggle to keep up - not tested the new ifi power X however which appears more powerful.

Hi there,

hope I’m right here for my question… I have Connected an USB - Drive to my Volumio Primo and for listening and daily handling everything works fine… But when I connect my Primo on my Win10 PC by “Network”… (\192…3=The ip of the Volumio) I can see the Internal Storage and my USB Drive, but when I try to copy musicfiles from my Win10 PC to Volumio I get the message “No authorization…”… Can someone help??.. Kind regards


I got my Primo about a week ago.
Setup was quite straight forward. Followed the wizard and got the web radio working.
Then I added a WD Passport with 2TB of Flac Files. I formatted it as NTFS using Tuxera software on My Mac Mini. I tried connecting over the network as you suggested. My Mac saw it in my network browser and I connected no problem. I also copied a Bob Dylan I had downloaded and it copied successfully.

After a week, I really like it. The software is web based including the Android App. It is a bit laggy being a web app and all. I would gladly pay a premium for native application with some professional design. Are you listening Volumio. That is what makes the Roon software so superior, serious development investment.

However, the GUI just improved with the release this week of v2.799. So far this version is a bit snappier, so there may have been some optimization done.

Thanks for your kind support. Others have complained about the Forum support but so far I have been pleased.

Cheers Mate

Great news! I’m glad it helped.

Sorry I know nothing about Windows.

We are talking about a drive attached to Volumio Primo and trying to get access over the network, correct?

Networking is a bit tricky on Windows, but if you can see it and its contents, it may be an access issue on the drive, not the network.

I noticed that if I formatted my usb drive with xFat, it would not allow access, although I could see the drive. When I then formatted as NTFS, I was able to get guest access which allowed me to read and write.

So, that is why I think it is a permission issue. For the life of me I cannot see anywhere in the Volumio settings where it addresses Volumio user permissions.

Hi domchocolate, thank you for your explanation, did solve my problem on accessing my flash drive on the primo over the network.
I’m thinking of upgrading to an external hard drive for more space and saw your message about the 2.5-3amps for the hard drive. Can you advise on hard drives that would have that requirement? Also and ssd or hdd?

Also I ordered a ifs power X and the power specs are the same on the original power supply, so shouldn’t be any issues there, I think.


The new idiot has a slightly higher power rating I believe to 3amps - let me know how you get on.

I use the drive listed above. Samsung T5

Sorry I mean Ipower not idiot, apologies.