I have a small USB hard drive plugged into Volumio (& HiFiBerry+).

I’ve just put a small folder in here with a few MP3s for testing. For the life of me I cannot get Volumio to see the drive. There appears to be a share in windows… \VOLUMIO\USB Music and it will only recognise anything I place in there.

Please help a (relative) novice get it to work - I have it attached to a NAS and that works well. I have access to SSH etc, but my experience in Linux is lacking!!

There seems to be noinformation around in exactly how to do this.

Update: I will try and do this tomorrow with a USB stick instead of a drive… but anyway don’t be shy… post a reply!

Thanks in advance.

Just a suggestion : are you sure your HD gets enough power from the pi ?
If no, you have to set the parameter max_usb_current=1 in /boot/config.txt
And of course, you have to power the RPI with a strong enough PSU (>1A)

Thank you - I’ve goe for a usb stick!