USB disk not mounting

please, my usb disk with all my music is not working anymore in
volumio. It works and shows all files in windows.
HW is Raspberry PI 3 B+ with Hifi berry dac.
System version is 2.673.

USB disk is 3.5" 1TB exFAT disk with external power;
it was working fine,
since I attached it to computer to transfer many files;
now when I attach it to raspberry,
it connects, mounts, give some FILE000.CHK strange directories for some seconds,
then it disconnects, and is not visible anymore.

connecting with putty to device,
typing DF give the error:

df: ‘/media/Music’: Transport endpoint is not connected
cant mount it in volumio.

if i make a chkdsk on windows there are no errors reported.

volumio@volumio:~$ cd /media/Music
volumio@volumio:/media/Music$ ls
ls: cannot open directory .: Transport endpoint is not connected

Help pls my volumio now is useless.

The FILE000.CHK file hint is crucial. They are created by Windows as fragments of corrupted file recovery (you would see them on Windows when you enable hidden files). There is something wrong with your disk and linux has a problem with it.
This does not seem to be a Volumio issue, I would backup the disk to prevent further data loss. Then reformat the disk and restore the data.

Yes, I agree,
But Windows does not report any error
after chkdsk.
Volumio os attempt to fix some errors,
Attempt fails and disk get disconnected.
I saw that exfat support on volumio
Is not updated, maybe last versione could
Fix the errors ?
I know that formatting would be a solution
But I have more than 300 GB of data, the
Process of copy is slow and dont have enough space free. :confused:

exFAT support is not a volumio but a general linux kernel issue, support is very new and only completely supported since kernel 5.4 (Raspberry does not support that yet). There is not much we can do about it at the moment.
Your disk failures are the origin of the problem, and yes linux obviously has more difficulties with it than windows.
You will need to find a way to backup and restore your data, I’m really sorry we cannot help with that.

So, when I Will format the disk,
it’s better not using exfat again ?
Should I use FAT32 ?

According to my tests latest Volumio mounts exFAT at last on 64Gb USB stick just fine.

In my experience,
it mounts fine when disk Is ok,
but during use can happen errors
and data losses, wich volumio cant
repair. It seems that exFat file system
Is not fully supported in previous Linux distro.
Before formatting I Will try to repair
disk errors with an updated Linux distibution