USB DAC to pair with Wyse 3040

So I am searching for a compact USB DAC to pair with a Dell Wyse 3040. Does not have to be excellent but it has to be cheap :slight_smile:
Topping E30 came to my mind but I think is over the top for what I want it. (the wyse 3040 will keep me company in my office so not much to ask for)


If you only want a USB DAC and no preamp, headphone output etc, the Topping D10s is cheap and great. 110 euros/dollars.

Also a reasonable Low-budget DAC:

These are surprisingly good for a second (shed/workshop/office/basement) system, and can be modded to perform even better:

Or alternatively (I haven’t tried this particular one) but it’s worth a punt at the price:

SMSL M2 - USB DAC - Digital SPDIF Optical Out and analog audio out jack 3.5 mm

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