USB DAC Plays last sine wave when pausing

Running RPI 4 with Behringer FLOW 8 USB mixer.
Playback works perfectly, however when I pause a song, the mixer just plays what sounds like the last sample sent to it, it varies in sound according to what was playing before it was paused.
Any ideas? Cheers

Not familiar with the Flow 8, so hard to tell.
Is this happening with every source like Flac, MP3, wav, streaming, DSD, DSD DOP?

Hi, yes every source the same behaviour, it works fine when using a different USB DAC. So i assume some specific ALSA configuration maybe required?

Is on the latest SW version?
Please sent a log, maybe that will reveal something.
Maybe something to do with this no such mixer control PCM error?

Sorry have no clue, maybe someone with knowledge on this mixer can help.