Usb dac does not recognize mqa

Hello All,

I’m using Volumio 2.873 on a Raspberry 3b with a Raspplay DAC on it. Last week i got a Pro-ject pre box s2 digital, connected to the usb, it worked out of the box. Yesterday it did not recognize mqa from Tidal, it shows just 44.1k on the screen. If Inplug it into my laptop, mqa shows up, like it should. I connected the dac to usb, and also using the 5v power cable. Can somebody give me a hint where to start?


Okay, the dac is not working with the laptop neither for mqa and dsd files.

make sure you set the Pro-ject Pre-box volume to 100%, otherwise you are not playing bit-perfect which stops unfolding mqa

Thanks for the input, it’s on 0 db; that’s the max, right?

Okay, I had to set the volume on Volumio to 100, and its working. :grinning: if I change the volume on the Pro-ject, it stays on mqa.


yes, correct.
Doesn’t work here 100% all the time either, but most of the time. That is as good as it gets. The DAC designer and Pro-ject have fallen out, so there will be no more firmware updates.

Thank You :slight_smile: