USB DAC and Volumio


I recently bought a Hidizs S9 to use it with latest volumio on a laptop. Everything works fine, plugged in, it got recognized on the fly, selected it and played music fine. The problem is that when i reboot volumio, although it’s still recognized and selected, it doesn’t play music anymore. I do hear a pulse sound when turning up the volume. The only way to make it work again is to select internal sound output, unplug usb dac, plug it in a different usb port and select it again. Then it works until volumio reboots again.

Is there a way to restart some service in order to make it work without unplugging it?


Volumio Version: v

Please try Volumiobuster-3.112-2021-10-08-x86
It is Volumio 3, release candidate 1

Unfortunately my laptop is 32bit not 64 so i have to stick to the 2.x version. Is there any service that can be restarted to simulate a new usb device initialization the way it does when the device is plugged in?

That is very unfortunate. Volumio 2 x86 has a very old kernel which we can’t update and will be replaced soon with Volumio 3.
Could you produce a log after rebooting, perhaps it shows us what sort of port issues you have.
However, there will not be. uch I can do about it.

Howto: Send a log