USB cable quality & power; a quantitative look

Over on the OpenMediaVault forum, there’s use of RPis for various things, and someone was concerned about the effect that bad power supply caused by inadequate cabling had on the RPi. Here’s the post, and it’s worth considering in the Volumio environment: … post148946

Very, very useful!

I would encourage the Volumio team (@michelangelo) to incorporate raspimon into the image by default and have the logging info in the correct logs as I think that powerissues are one of the main problems a lot of users suffer without knowing they do.

AND good stable power is essential for HiFi audio representation.

I will definitely dive into this in more detail when I find the time someday (wintertime probably [emoji12])

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Hi Chris,

I’m a new user and can’t PM you because of this. I found my way via google to one of your posts, specifically this one: aduio-quality-dac-hdmi-t3688.html

I currently have a RPi with OSMC(kodi) and no onboard DAC. It is connected over HDMI to my Marantz SR7005 AV receiver/amp and B&W CM8S2’s.
I use this as my entertainment center (50% movies 50% music).

Now I have been thinking how I could improve my music quality and have been reading up online, but I can’t quite figure some things out.

I have been thinking about the following things, and since you have a similar setup I was hoping you could help me out.

  • Would getting an onboard DAC like HifiBerry for the Pi improve anything? Some say it improves audio quality, some say it won’t matter because my A/V receiver/amp already has a built-in DAC.

  • Would getting a 2nd pi to run volumio (with optional DAC like hifiberry) improve anything? Again conflicting info whether or not volumio would improve sound quality over using OSMC/kodi. I prefer using kodi because being able to browse music via my tv/remote & having visualisations (shadertoy).

Hello Thier,

Your questions are valid questions but not related to the topic [emoji53]. Maybe start a new Volumio related topic in the correct section [emoji2].

Btw: A second Pi with Volumio is the way to go I think, but again; ask in a new topic please…

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Hi Patrick,

I know! But I wanted to specifically get chris’s attention since this was his last post haha.

I created a new topic, so Chris, if you read this, head over to would-hifiberry-and-volumio-increase-audio-quality-t7169.html :smiley: