USB attached HDD


I’m a volumio newbee and have a Raspberry Pi 2 with an attached HighFiBerry Digi+ transformer board. I managed to install volumio - which wasn’t difficult. My music is on a USB powered 2,5’’ HDD which is directly plugged into the Raspberry Pi. Volumio starts fine, but doesn’t recognize the hard drive, the library is empty. I changed the config.txt file, adding max_usb_current=1 in a new line with no effect. For a test I also added the following code, which should turn off the Raspberry’s LEDs, but doesn’t effect anything:



The set-up works fine with RuneAudio, so this can’t be the problem.

Thanks for any help!

I forgot to add: Web radio works fine :smiley:

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Silly question: did you update the library ?

Hi svc,
sorry for my late reply.

I was waiting for the library to show entries from the USB drive for two or three hours, which should be enough to come up with some ntries. I also hit the library update button several times and again waited for some time.

My feeling is that volumio doesn’t read the coonfig.txt file where I told the Raspberry Pi board to feed the USB ports with more power.

Well, I have an SSD connected/powered to/by my RPi B+ with the max_usb_current=1 added to config.txt and it works (and it didn’t before I added the line). I can’t say much more.

What filesystem is on the external HD ?

Can you log in and check whether it is mounted ?

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Thanks again svc,

the system (Raspberry Pi, Digi+ and external HDD) works with RuneAudio, so - from the hardware point - it should work with volumio. I’d love to try volumio, but as it doesn’t work, I stay with RuneAudio.

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