Urgent plea for plain English from a Volumio newbie!!

Please, please, please can someone explain in plain English how to access the Volumio user interface? I have had to change my bband provider and (of course!) Volumio no longer works. Ive tried to follow the forums / posts but I don’t know what ‘point at’ means…plus a lot of other terminology. Can one of nice people please explain step by step what I need to do to a) access the UI and b) get Volumio working again? Really can’t do without my jazz!!! Thanks.

Presumably you’e using wifi, and your home network has changed with your new internet provider. In this case Volumio won’t be able to find your original wifi network, and should have started it’s own hotspot. With a mobile phone, log on to the Volumio hotspot (search for wifis) with password volumio2, and then in a browser (on the phone) go to … you should see the Volumio UI. You can then set up your Volumio device with the appropriate wifi name/password for your home wifi. Hopefully you should then be able to use Volumio from whichever device browser you like.

Thank you and grovelling apologies for double posting. Blame it on a sick bug. It works (but not the way you suggested). I uninstalled and reinstalled Volumio and it seems to have connected automatically. I am none the wiser but no longer without sounds.