upnp problem !

I was using volumio 1.1 since december and all was OK.

My gear: volumio with hifiberry, wifi dongle and i connect to a freebox server (NAS).

I have yesterday install volumio last beta and it supports dlna server trhough upnp.
My nas is upnp.

Now when i add a remote directory using GUI i can see


BUT, the upnp folder points to all the nas shared content, i can see all folders but no files inside EXCEPT for m3U files.

In the NAS directory i have mount my MUSIC folder, but database is updating since yesterday evening, and is almost incomplete…

I don’ know how to solve this and i don’t want to disable dlna upnp server from my NAS beacause i use it with my tv.

any idea ?

I already described this problem here: http://volumio.org/forum/volumio-for-raspberry-3beta-2014-feedback-t1149-10.html#p4310

A way to get access to your NAS folders is described here: http://volumio.org/forum/volumio-for-raspberry-3beta-2014-feedback-t1149-10.html#p4394

But finally the UPNP integration in volumio’s GUI still doesn’t work…