UPNP Playback Not Working

I was able to flash my micro sd card and get everything up and running fine on my Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi Touchscreen, but I can’t see the system from any Android devices. I am able to see and play music from Airplay no problem. I have tried three times now and each time it didn’t work.

If it helps, I am using an Emotiva Stealth DC-1 dac connected to the RasPi 3 with a USB 2.0 cable.

You don’t say how you are trying to access Volumio from your phone … browser, app??

Your right, forgot to mention that. I can access Volumio fine over the browser using the IP on my Android phone. I just can’t play music from my phone to Volumio from any music app. I have been using the DS Audio app from Synology as I have a Synology DS415+ NAS.

I can’t confirm this problem. Added volumio as the playback device in the app, and it worked fine(DLNA).