UPNP always needs to be toggled on/off to work

Not matter the version of Volumio I use, I have to toggle the UPNP Renderer in the Sources setting to get it to work properly. This is especially true if I haven’t used Volumio in a few days. Anybody else experiencing this issue?

The same here. Volumio 3.512 on Intel NUC, DAC S.M.S.L SU-9.

yes this is with the x86 image. No clue yet why this is happening.

Same here, Volumio 3.512 on RPi 3B+.
UPnP Controller is Foobar2000.

It plays the first track then always fails with “Stop Error: Action Failed (501)” on Foobar2000 controller.

Previous stable version of Volumio was working normally.

I also have the same problem. Volumio 3.512 + CA DacMagic 200m+ mConnect

Same problem w/ x86 (Fujitsu Futro S740) freshly installed and ASUS Tinkerboard - annoying!

DLNA/UPnP server are
. AVM FRITZ!Mediaserver
. MinimServer 2.2 update 240
. Twonky Version: 7.2.9-15 (not detected at all)
. Twonky via a BubbleUPnP Version 0.9-update46

In rare cases the servers are detected after boot.