upnp album art

I am running Volumio on a Rasberry Pi 4 - and my audio files are on a NAS (Synology) running minimserver

Using the Volumio web UI - I have some issues

I can browse the server and play the audio but when I browse to a folder that contains multiple albums - the albums are shown without album art even though all the folders have a folder.jpg file (unless volumio has found web art)
I have tried switching off and clearing the cache

When I browse to a folder with the songs in - the songs show the album art but the title at the top does not

For some reason volumio is only lookinmg for cached web art and not my collected folder.jpgs

BubbleUNP sees all the correct information

Ideally an option to force the UI to look for folder.jpg

Apart from that - runs great

Many thanks


I have the same issue.

Latest version of Minimserver running on QNAP NAS, with latest version of Volumio.

Other UPNP clients can read and display folder.jpg album art correctly, but Volumio web interface displays white bullseye icon.

Same here:

  • MinimServer 2.2 update 244 on Synology with DSM
  • Audionet-RCP 3.5.0 on macOS displays all album art
  • 8player in iOS and iPadOs displays all album art
  • Volumio 3.569 displays only a for some albums the album art