Upgrading VOLUMIO via apt-get.......

RPi-Monitor that I am usually installing on all my RPi’s is showing the following:

Processor: BCM2835
Distribution: undefined
Kernel version: Linux 4.9.80-v7+ armv7l
Firmware: #1092
Package(s): 19 upgradable(s)

The Volume UI is showing that there are no updates available.

apt get update && apt get dist-upgrade is doing it’s job and rip-update is trying to update the kernel to 4.14 or something.

However after a reboot the RPi isn’t starting anymore.

So, there are not!..
As a rule of thumb, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!
Before attempting anything randomly, please read the doc and FAQ

Any specific reason you want to get all-the-latest-and-greatest-packages in an unsupported manner?
Volumio is not just an app on a std Debian/Raspbian distribution: see it as a all-in-one optimized package with a custom & fine-tuned Debian/Raspbian-based OS & apps: altering it manually may just break it, unless you have/develop know-how on how it is made (you may check github repos to learn that).

Alright, that is all fine and I had a safety belt :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your clarification. Will only update via WebUI moving forward.