Upgrade to Volumio 3 missing Radio 357 plugin

Volumio Version: Volumio 3.165
Hardware: Pi4
DAC: HifiBerry DAC Plus DSP
‘Radio 357’ plugin is no longer present on the plugins list.
Same for ‘Radio Nowy Świat’ having its own plugin in previous version.
‘Nowy Świat’ is now accessible via internet radio plugin. Unfortunately ‘357’ is not.
Please verify and restore 357 plugin.

Plugins are created and added by community members, you need to contact the author of the plugin and ask if he plans to port it to Volumio 3

Just add this link. And no plug is needed. http://n10a-eu.rcs.revma.com/ye5kghkgcm0uv?rj-ttl=5&rj-tok=AAABdp5cYeUAIvT3gYDQD838lA

What if I’m using android app to control pi4? Would appreciate your tutorial how to add this link.

I think that the link provided is to a Radio 357 stream, so you would have to add it as a Web Radio to Volumio.

Web radio - Click on the three dots My webs radio - add radio - Copy the link

Thank you all. Done. Working (playing) perfectly.