Upgrade to 2.013 pi doesn't work

The upgrade to 2.013 pi doesn’t work
Have tried from 2.011 and from 2.001
I have no screen so I can’t see what’s happening during boot, but the volumio don’t even receive an IP address

Hi! You are using dev version. It may not work…

Had same issue here. Returned to 2.001.

Yes I’m using /dev , Just an indication that 2.013 upgrade has faults :slight_smile:

same happened to me 2.011 --> 2.013

For us newbie testers! a working 2.011 :slight_smile:


Same here. I updated from 2.011 to 2.013. I can still log onto the system via ssh, so I’ll leave it there for further debugging. I jsut haven’t had time to digg deeper last night.

I have the same issue. I can ssh into the pi, but web browser says connection refused. What are the ssh commands to update to the next, or previous releases please? I would rather not reflash if possible.

Sorry, you must reflash to older version