upgrade/latest version of volumio

Hello guys,

I’m a littte confused. I’m using Volumio version 1.55 with my RPI2 running on Jessie. I have an IQAudio Pi-DAC+
My question is: What is the latest version of Volumio or what version should I be running on my RPI?

IQ AUDIO has this one posted on their website:
This is 4.4.13+ Raspbian Jessie-lite, pre-configured for IQaudio Pi-DAC+
Suports Pi-DACZero / Pi-DAC+ / Pi-DigiAMP+ and Pi-AMP+
Suitable for Raspberry Pi Zero / A+ / B+ / RPi2 / Rpi3

but I don’t want to use their pre-configured image. Right now my Volumio1.55 is running on Jessie, normal image.

Thank you all!


Just use the link in download section to get the last ( still under dev)