Upgrade from 1.4 to current version


A few years ago, I installed volumio on a raspberry with a hifiberry board addon board that provides an spdif output (HifiBerry Digi). After a bit of tweaking and the wifi driver (power management settings) and the boot setup (mbr: flash, boot: usb stick, data: usb disk) it has been running reasonably stable. The only problem thats quite annoying is that airplay is unreliable, which is a pitty because we use it to play spotify.

Will upgrading from 1.4 to the latest version improve airplay? Im hesitating to reinstall to the latest version, since i’ve had to do some tweaking. I suppose there is no easy way to upgrade instead of reinstalling?

If you want to safely update, you can create a image of your sd card (in linux it should be something like dd if=/dev/sdx of=mysavedfile), or simple, use a other sd card…
In Volumio2, tons of improvement since 1.4
For Spotify, there is a nice plugin just one click to install.
Or, if you want to use the offical app, install a Spotify connect plugin github.com/balbuze/volumio-plug … nnect2.zip . After that, your device will be available to play your music.