Upgrade for Raspberry Pi 2 to 3 b or b+

I currently have Raspberry Pi 2 with Hifiberry DAC+ pro and it works well, maybe a bit slow sometimes, especially when loading high resolution FLACs (even if the buffer is low).
I bought Raspberry Pi 3 B+ because of its 1 gigabit ethernet (didn’t buy RPI4 because I have Hifiberry case that matches RPI2/3). although it is limited to around 300Mbit it still x3 times faster, hence buffer will be loaded faster.
I also have another RPI3 B board that I can use for the upgrade.

The problem is that then I saw in the forum that the RPI3 B+ is not that recommended (jitters, USB issues, etc.).
Because Hifiberry DAC is I2S based, my question is - does it worth using RPI3 B+ if it is I2S based? or should I use RP3?
No intentions currently to use USB DAC.

Hi iMadMan,

First - it has nothing to do with I2S using a pi3 or 3+.

The 3+ has faster networking , so will fill your buffer faster, but is drawing more power and getting hotter.

I personally prefer the pi3, but if you have both available, why don’t you just try it out ?

It‘s possible to use the same SD card and just put it vice versa.

Best Regards