Updating the kernel on Volumio 1.4 on Cubox-i


can anyone point me to easy-to-follow instructions on compiling a more recent kernel for the Volumio 1.4 platform on Cubox-i? I am reasonably handy with Linux and the command line but for more advanced concepts like compiling your own kernel, I need some help!

The kernel in 1.4 hasn’t been upgraded from previous versions - it’s still 3.0.35.

Unfortunately for me, the old kernel is not compatible with my USB DAC (a Ciunas, based on the “Amanero” USB transport). Running on 3.0.35, the DAC is recognized by the system but will not accept any playback commands - looking at the various system statuses in /proc/asound/Amanero/ shows that audio streams are never opened up to the DAC.

I got a lot closer to getting Volumio up and running on the 3.10 kernel that was posted on the forums here by “lstein” - running this would at least show that the audio streams were being received by the DAC, but it still would not play back audio for some reason. I gave up trying to get that to work when 1.4 was announced, but that didn’t solve my DAC issues because of the old kernel.

Can anyone help? I’d love to see Volumio running on my setup!

For now I’m going to try MuBox, which is not as slick but has a very recent kernel (3.14)…

I fear that is not a kernel fault… Do you have a linux x86 PC on hand? At least we’ll see if it works on it…

Update michelangelo and anyone else trying to use a Ciunas DAC - it’s NOT a kernel issue!

Volumio 1.4 works fine with this DAC, but the DAC needs a firmware update to downgrade it to a previous version. The most recent firmware for the Amanero USB transport board that this DAC uses, 1080, is apparently incompatible with ALSA.

Excellent! Well done!