Updating Plugin

I’ve not been able to find an answer for quite a simple question:
How do I update a plugin when a newer version is available?
I set up 2.587 on a Pi3 yesterday and installed the Touchscreen plugin (needed keyboard-configuration installed using ssh). The installed plugin shows as 1.0.0 but today version 1.0.1 appeared in the available plugins list.

What is the procedure for updating?

Thanks for your time!


I think an update button should show next to the plugin in the ‘search plugins’ tab.

That sounds like a sensible way. Well there is no such button showing so I guess I have the correct version. I’ll try playing around on a spare box, I set this one up for a friend so I don’t want to break something that works perfectly fine. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!


I did a new clean image install and this time the touch screen plugin (ver 1.0.1) installed without needing any ssh hacking. It does still show as ver 1.0.0 in the ‘installed plugins’ list so maybe just a tiny bug in the installer package.