Updated Volumio Release and Release Schedule

The latest Volume release on the download page is dated October 28, 2014 with version number 1.5.

Reading some of the forum posts, it appears that there has been a newer release 1.51, that fixes some issues in version 1.5, but apparently it does not fix all the stability and playback problems. It is also not clear where to get this interim 1.51 release (from a link in a forum post).

What worries me, is the complete lack of communication from Volumio on what is happening with bringing out a new stable release.

Volumio started out as a great project with a pro-active develop team, but I am starting to doubt the commitment of the team to support the open-source version of Volumio. Judging from the blog post, it looks like the team is now working on the commercial Fizzly project.

I do understand that everybody has to earn some money and is entitled to make living, but I do think Michelangelo and his team need to state clearly what their commitment is to supporting Volumio. If they do not have the time to support it, please say so openly to allow users of Volumio to make an informed decision on whether they want to keep using Volumio and wait for stable releases or rather switch to a another music player.


I have a comment - since this is all shareware I think that we are not owed anything from Michelangelo. As much as I would like to see what you discuss, i don’t think this effort can be treated by the users as they might treat other software that they might have bought. I am great full for what they have done so far. Ok well it is thanksgiving here in the states but I will still be great full tomorrow :smiley:

Yes this is a new version, i will post a link in the forum and change the link of the download page (with the help of michelangelo) tomorrow, when i come home.

hmm yeah 1.51 release was a little bit rushed.

Only Michelangelo is in this team.

Volumio is coded from michelangelo and a few people who helped with some features and bug fixes.
Everybody who can program can help in this project.

so hear is the link for 1.51: sourceforge.net/projects/volumio … p/download

the link on the download page of volumio is already pointing to this download.

Volumio is a project where me and other people devote their free time. Fizzly is totally unrelated to Volumio, is a project that I work on my daily job.
I do continue to work on Volumio in the background, the progress just depends on the amount of free time I have.

If you could update the version number and possibly the release date on the download page that would be great :smiley:

I see it more a bugfix release than an actual new release… That is why the versioning is still 1.5