Update Volumio without touching network?

I’ve a bit of a problem: I need to update Volumio, but in such a way that it doesn’t destroy my network setup - I am using Volumio on a Raspberry to provide wireless bridge to my wired Denon amplifier, as described here: raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/a/103713/109253

The last time I attempted update, I had to spend ~2 hours to get to the Pi, connect it to a console and un-do the update so that the network works again. Seems that during update process Volumio restores hostapd config, but due to my changes fails to either to connect to network or to present its hotspot.

Generally I’d be fine with running older version, but 1) internet radio doesn’t work 2) Spotify plugin just restarts Volumio when I try to authorize it.

Not at all helpful i understand, but I think that you are bound to run into problems when trying to update a user modified version of Volumio. There is no way that the developers can take into account changes that you make, and the onus must be on you to mitigate the problems. That doesn’t mean that people will not be able to offer advice if you have questions.

I fully understand that, I was just hoping that there’s a way to manually update components instead of everything at once.