Update upmpdcli with volumio 3?

Hello, for the latest version of volumio 3, will the upmpdcli be updated because I use bubbleupnp a lot and when I have a long enough playlist it takes a long time to load it before it plays? spear. Thank you in advance for your answer

Volumio v2.873

volumio@volumiokitchen:~$ apt-cache policy upmpdcli
  Installed: 1.2.12-1

Volumio v3.051

volumio@volumiorpi-4:~$ apt-cache policy upmpdcli
  Installed: 1.5.8-1~ppa1~buster

OK so it is on a different version and I assume it will be the most recent?

You can see version numbers here. “Most up to date” is a bit meaningless in a planned transition to Buster for the Volumio 3 beta, especially given that this particular package is one that is specifically compiled for Volumio.

The current version in the beta is custom compiled version, you can find the sources here.
We had some issues picking versions from lesbonscomptes's repo directly unfortunately.

Thank you for your answers.
But I may not be able to update because I am using a Hi-Fi component from audiophonics (evo-saber) which works with a volumio image prepared by audiophonics.

You will need to try support at audiophonics.

I tray it. :+1:

Is a good motivation for them to upstream their work :slight_smile:

AFAIK, according to my latest contact, Audiophonics is now working on a plugin to install their components on a volumio distro.
Hope to hear from them by the time they are ready.