Update to mpd 0.18.9

Some days ago, a new version of mpd was released:

musicpd.org/news/2014/03/mpd … -released/

It improves the previous workaround for the Raspberry Pi audio driver bug, eliminating noise during song change. Child processes launched by the “pipe” output plugin no longer ignore signals. Several build failures have been fixed.

As you can see they have focused on raspberry pi so i believe that it would be a nice reason to update to this version!

I tested the new version on a hand made installation I use in parallel with volumio and indeed there is an improvement when changing songs.

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You sir, are the best hinter so far! So let’s compile it… (still fighting with wireless on volumio 1.2)

I am compiling the new release. It is possible to know what options were used to compile the previous version ?



Updated to 18.9 with the help of the mpd update threat. Just changed the wget command Form 18.8 to 18.9. If you want i can make a ZIP oft the image.


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I successfully compiled the mpd 18.9, but when it tries to play I get a message saying that it cannot access the hw:0,0 .

I compiled with --enable-alsa

Any hint on where the problem might be ?



Hi Davide,
What do you mean with compile ?
I just typed a few commands and it worked.


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I downloaded the code and compiled on the Pi. Now everything works. Not sure if there is a big difference compared to the previous version.

I guess you just copied the executable, but I could not find it for the Pi. How did you installed it ? Additionally when you compile you can optimize for what you want. I felt like going back in time, it took quite a while to compile.


A, little present:


BTW, going straight to include it in next version. Also, set up a proper apt repo, where you’ll find this already custom compiled!

mpd 0.18.10 is up!!!

git.musicpd.org/cgit/master/mpd. … se-0.18.10

Excellent! It has the ffmpeg bug corrected… So, let’s recompile it !