Update to 2.909 destroys (my) installation

Updated my installation, it was the latest from July 2021 I think, to 2.909. After a reboot the system works fine as before. The shutdown till the next day. Want to reboot - nothing. No system starts! Need to reinstall again! Along the years using volumio had to do that many times! GRRR! ARGH! Backups are the solution?
Maybe… But its always lost time and work, that nobody needs. I would say a loud “F… You” to the coders! VERY ANGRY ABOUT YOUR BAD WORK!
PI is a Model 3 B+, HAT IQAudio Digi+, MicroSDcards are made by Intenso, SanDisc and Samsung.
At the moment, PI is powered by Ropieee… Not thinking about going back to Volumio!

Yes, the best for you is to go elsewhere. Good luck with your SD :kissing_closed_eyes:


a real monster that’s all i say… :wink:

good bye :blush:

maybe Sonos is best for you


rather than run this user off the forums, maybe it would be a good idea to ask some questions to get some details about what sounds like a very bad update bug causing dataloss?

I’m holding off on updating to 2.9x for now. Thanks for the warning @Streamingmonster .


we didn’t run him off… he only gave us all the finger and he made already his choice…

2.907 (02-07-2021)
Multiroom User Interface Improvements
TIDAL Connect Improvements
Fixed moving the first song in queue

2.909 (13-09-2021)
change log :
Multiroom User Interface Improvements
Fix for TIDAL Connect crashes on sample rate change

and sometimes updating to a other version will fail. always backup before screw up.

Insulting is not tolerated, see rules. You may be unhappy, you can write it, you can say you prefer xxx because it’s better than Volumio, no problem if you stay polite.
this user should have been banned, but I didn’t do it… this time

Of course finding out the details of problems posted here is imperative. Personally, I would not respond to a user posting in such a fashion, especially since they point out pointedly that will not be using Volumio in the future.

So far we don’t have other reports about this update being flawed. Also this passed all our QA tests.
Given the fact that he had this issue for many times i assume he is either using a not adequate psu or bad sd card

Thanks for the feedback @volumio actual. I’ll take a backup and update.

As for the original poster, I tend to err on the side of caution when a user is frustrated to the point of obvious anger. I get that they were rude, and that isn’t tolerated, but getting a crashdump or system log could have been informative.

Happy listening!

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I just upgraded from 2.8xx to 2.909 and had it be unhappy as well.
No, I didn’t record which 2.8xx I was on.
It usually runs headless, I unusually had a monitor and keyboard hooked up. I saw it shutting down for the reboot - but nothing came up on screen after a powerup. Did a hard poweroff and poweron, with same results.
Will debug after work.

If you could send us a log that would be really helpful

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I also had my system fail after 2.909 update.
My Allo DigiOne Signature with RPi 3B+
has run well since 2018.
I thought it was a Allo issue but now I’m not so sure.

I also updated a second Rpi4 with Just boom board seems to be fine.

Were you using an image provided by Alllo or downloaded from this website?
What happened after the update? Can you connect via SSH?

This fits to my experience with PSUs & sd cards

Nothing happens when I power it on.
I pulled the card this weekend and wasn’t finding any useful logs. Which filesystem/location am I looking for logs? (I’m running linux on the system I mounted the old card on.) It looks like it just isn’t booting.
I installed 2.909 on a new card and copied my music over from the old, so I can continue to debug on the old.

Hi together,
I think the reason for the failed inplace update is the index.html in www3
It is not correct updated with new entries for js files from /volumio/http/www3/scripts
The new file names:


Must to be updated in the Index.html.
Have you a gray screen after reboot please check the last line of the /volumio/http/www3/index.html for correct entries to js files.

Best regards

@volumio 2acd found a fault in the 2.909 read above.

No, you are wrong.
You have this issue because you probably updated manually the index.html by removing\adding some lines to it.
When you do it, on the next update, your custom mod will survive and therefore you end up with inconsistent updates.

If you see the UI code, it’s correct:

Hi volumio,
you are right, the standard update procedure is working successfully. I have check this now again.

But when I change the index.html and copy back the original file to the right place and set also the time stamp to original, the consistence check of update procedure run successfully, nevertheless the file is excluded from update after reboot.

If there any way to run the update successfully, if the original file copy back to the right place?

I’m working on a plugin for this modifications. The it would be possible to deactivate the plugin for an update and activate it after the update.
Or if there another way to to do it correctly.
We can write over PM I think it’s a little bit off topic here. :wink:
Best regards