Update to 2.806 failed

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.799
Hardware: pi4 2gb
OLED 1.3 Inch, mpd oled installed.
When I want to do an Ota update I receive this message. What should I do?

Should I try to delete cava and mpd oled?

You should do a factory reset, then update again.

You edited some core files, so Volumio cannot update safely with your mods

Ok understood,
I have installed mpd oled so I guess this affects the core files,.

Up and running,

I have also wake up button and shutdown button on gpio 23.

Hi Lintbf,

try this :
a. create file : /data/ignoresystemcheck ( it will disable the system check at update)
b. backup your modifications
c. update
d. check whats are overwritten by update
e. restore only neccessery stuffs
f. in my case, on odroid c2, I restore ( previously backed up) :

  • /boot/boot.ini
  • /boot/meson64_odroidc2.dtb
  • /etc/lirc/*

I really don’t suggest to update with this flag…

I agree and know that this way is dangerous, …
… but if each time when you doing update, you need to restart all configurations and modifications from the scratch, and set up library wia network, then scan for 3,4,5 hours, you start to thinking about some tweak …

Thanks for your hints but for the moment I have chosen the safest past indicated by volumio team. I do not have a large music collection or many special user configuration, but in the future if I will have I will check your advice totyc