Update to 2.586 removes Spotify

I just updated to 2.586, but now the Spotify Icon on the Home Screen is gone. The Search function doesn’t show any Spotify Items either.
Spotify Plugin is active, I tried deactivating it but this doesn’t help.
I didn’t remove it yet, as the current Version doesn’t have the Fixed index file to prperly work.

Enable spotify, and check if you did not accidentally disabled it in the bottom of mymusic section

It didn’t show up in the mymusic section.
So i deinstalled it, reinstalled it, and it still didn’t work.
Then I changed my login credentials to a different family account, then it worked.
Seems that spotify somehow changed my password, as I didn’t.
Maybe for a future Plugin it would be useful to show an Error Message that the login in incorrect, to easely find the error.