Update problem from PC

I updated to the latest version, although I shouldn’t have! When I restarted Volumio, I was sad to see that the DAC, which had worked flawlessly until now, did not work, the installed plugins disappeared, and the whole machine became unstable. After installing it again from scratch, the machine worked again, but you can’t install plugins because they don’t even appear, only the equalizer. However, when I install it, the whole system goes silent and freezes. However, after uninstalling, the machine works again. There is also a function that allows volumio to play the audio on the selection device. If I activate this, Volumio will be muted and will not play any sound on any device. Solution: Uninstall and reinstall. The player is a miniPC, not a PI.

  • did you register with Volumio, to enable the plugin section?
  • You need to leave “Multiroom Playback” enable

I am a premium subscriber.

With Premium you also get dedicated support, so the fastest way to get help is to create a support ticket at Jira Service Management

I don’t even know where to create this! I don’t even know where it is! I didn’t even know what happened!