update impossible with X86 version

Hi all.
I installed few weeks ago the 2.201 x86 version on my dedicated NUC.
Update to 2.223 withoute probem.
I just updated my version to v2.224 but now, impossible to do an update, nothng happens when pressing the update button…
I read some posts about this problem, but I’m not using a rasp…How to do?

I’ve just updated an x86 version on a USB stick to 2.254 without problem. I remember reading fairly recently a comment by Michelangelo that updating from development versions might cause problems … perhaps this is your case and you need to reflash with an official version??

ok, lets go th flash from the 2.201 version!

You can still try the fix for Raspberry first. The only thing it does is reregister all libraries in Linux.

Just to complete the story, since I wasn’t sure which version I originally updated :blush:, I I reflashed v2.201, updated to 2.224 & then to 2.254. All went fine.

Good idea. I tried and it was the solution!
After that, successfully updated to 2.254! thx!

@kkwete: how did you update, did you use the test option in the dev page?

No, I just pressed the update button after reregister all librairies

that could be the reason, you are updating to a test version, so you need to enable it on the dev page

really strange because I never enabled anything at all…!

This was fixed today.

I can confirm that the vanilla updates from 2.201 t0 2.224 to 2.254 for x86 machines work fine.
I think there may still be an issue with the onscreen volume control feature when you try to change from the default (Hardware) setting but it’s too late to test this again today!

Thanks for your feedback, well appreciated.
Volume control is something needing to be looked at separately as it is unrelated to updates.
Could you open a help topic for that if it is still relevant? Please mention X86 in the title