Update failed on x86. Only GRUB at startup.

I all.
I just updated my NUC to v2.291
And at startup I’ve always the same thing:

Need help! :wink:

Mmmm this was a dev release, but indeed this should have worked.
1- From which version were you updating from?
2- Is your boot mode in UEFI or legacy?

and is there a way you could give us the contents of a file in the boot partition, file efi/BOOT/grub.cfg?

yes, it’s a dev version.
I came from v 2.285 I think but not sure… :wink:
Normally, I’m in UEFI mode, I’ll check that this afternoon.
I’ve no network at all on my nuc, so how to copy this file?

You can put the SD or USB stick into a windows machine, the boot partition will be the only readable one.

The update path can only be guaranteed forupgrading an official release version, the latest one is 2.201
Upgrading from 2.201 (via a predefined 2.226) prepares for a properly configured intermediate version, preserving all data, after which the update to 2.291 is done safely.
In you case, grub.cfg will probably be empty as in 2.285 the required files are not where they are expected to be.

For you, it’s a better way to reinstall v2.201?
Because, if I see the download section, it’s the v2.285 that proposed.
Or maybe directly do a fresh install with the v2.285 version.

Hi, thanks for your feedback, this may be an issue.
I’ll talk to Michelangelo.

Are you able to confirm that grub.cfg is empty?

Not easy to say because I’ve no machine under windows and the system is installed on a SSD.
Can you say me how to check that?

ok, plug in your SD or USB stick in a linux machine and do something like

mkdir bootpart sudo mount /dev/sdx1 bootpart cat bootpart/efi/BOOT/grub.cfg umount bootpart rmdir bootpart

where sdx is the device where your SD/USB stick is mounted, check with sudo fdisk -l before that

thx for the method.
U’re right, grub is empty.
So, I’ll do a fresh v2.285 install.
I’ll see!

ok, 2.285->2.290 is another path I like to check further, but your issue seems to confirm what we have noticed in a certain situation. The updater has our priority at the moment and we think we found the reason why it sometimes fails. Thanks for your feedback. To save your time, wait with further testing until we have an updated version.