Update Button not working on 2.170

Hi all,

Im on 2.170 on a Tinkerboard. I’d like you upgrade but the button says I’m on the latest version. Is there anything I can do? I searched and some ppl said use SSH some commands but there’s no “SSH section” in my dev menu.

Thoughts? Will I have to just flash?



My fix was to go into the Dev menu, then hit “True” under Test, so that I could accept test versions. Then I went back to the System menu and the Update button worked and gave me a fresh test version.


I think this is still a problem… the latest stable version for Tinker Board is 2.387 therefore you should get the official update.
By tweaking the dev setting - you jump straight to VERSION: 2.388 - which is the test version.
Doesn’t seems right to me

Will I not be able to take normal production versions now? Will I be stuck on this version and/or the test track?

I guess for your situation the only way to have a stable version is to do a fresh install. I was in a similar situation back then.

Don’t worry, enabling ‘Test’ mode means you get the test builds as well as official releases. You can always set the ‘Test’ mode back to false if you don’t want any more test builds and wait for the next official release before updating again.

Oh - boss had advised to reflash earlier