Update adding to Album Count. Volumio now shows Duplicate Files and Albums

I am trying to work out why files that have been deleted continue to be displayed and can be ‘played’ if selected.

I found some albums and tracks were poor quality. Some of the albums/tracks I ripped from my older LP which had scratches and the turntable to MP3 deck didn’t always keep constant speed, so I decided to replace with newer versions (generally remastered CDs I had.)

I deleted the old files and replaced with the new remastered versions.

I used MP3Tag to ensure all the tags were correctly applied (not all were) or edited accordingly.

I re-attached the drive to my Pi3 with Volumio loaded and powered up. I then did an update. The artist count stayed the track count went up incrementally but the Album count jumped up. The output from MP3Tag shows 5,320 albums, Volumio showed 7,279 before the alterations (which should be neutral as I was deleting the old album files and replacing with the new files) and it now shows 8,247 Albums.

This seems to be a thing that Update seems to keep adding to the existing file list and doesn’t recognise those files/albums that have been deleted.

I go back and do a Rescan, which I understand is supposed to completely replace the database, but nothing changes.

Except it shows an increasingly larger library each time I do this.

While the artist and Track count are close to what the output of MP3Tag shows for the library, the Album count is way off. I show 5,320 albums, Volumio shows 8,247.

It appears that using Update causes Album count numbers to be added and never deleted and Rescan doesn’t change anything.

If you deleted tracks using windows, they are probably just hidden. Search for a folder .trash an remove it. Then rescan the library.