Update 2.041 to 2.224: no further update & ssh problem

Hi all,

  1. Some Days ago I made an update from 2.041. the system showed me there would be an update to 2.224 and then I could make the 2nd update to the actual version.

It’s not possible to make a further update and I get no message after pressing “Check Updates”. Version 2.224 is not part of the changelog link…

  1. It’s not possible to establish a ssh connection. In the meantime I tried to enable ssh on volumio.local/dev and I regenerated the ssh key. Also I made a restart of volumio & the pc. The ssh key gets renewed but connection is closed by remote host.

With thanks in advance

I loaded the actual image on the sd card to solve the problems. Activating ssh in the developer mode is now working. I hope in the future the rolling updates will work better. Volumio is a very fine project! Thanks for your efforts!