Unpredictable Volume.

Does anyone else find the volume control to be erratic and unpredictable? I find mine only works smoothly about 50% of the time.Other wise its doesn’t work correctly.Sometimes when I change a setting (unrelated to volume) it reverts back to hardware mode which is very annoying because it goes very loud suddenly. Otherwise its working fairly well and sounds great.

Yes, I see the same behaviour.
After changing the volume to another value it will jump back or even to another value.
This happens from a mobile device and from desktop (iOS, Safari).

In more detail:
After visiting the volumio.local website and changing the volume from 100% to 50% the response (real output and displayed value) will be 100% -> 50% -> 100% -> 50% -> 100%.
A consecutive click to the same value can sometimes result in the correct value. In that case I experienced that later value changes from the same client are successful. Btw. it does not matter if I click on the circular panel or only one step up/down.

At the moment i do not use the volumio volume control but only the ones on my external amplifier.

My setup:
Volumio: 2.041 on RaspberryPi 3
IQaudio DAC +

Yes, the volume control is completely erratic on mobile devices such as phones or iPads. Often it ignores your command, or reacts 10 seconds afterwards. By then you’ve already changed the volume again, which causes a reaction 15 seconds later. So, all but useless.

The volume slider works slightly better in iOS Chrome than Safari. I’ve set volume increments to +2 -2 so that you can push volume up/down buttons instead of using the slider.

This problem is a subset of a more general problem that has to do with UI unresponsiveness on mobile devices. There are more problems relating to this, such as showing the wrong song name, wrong album, wrong time in song… :cry: