Unofficial Volumio 3 on Odroid boards (C4/ N2/ N2+/ M1S)

Yes, and that won’t change for the reason you mentioned.
Switching to k6 will only occur when an alternative boot button method has been implemented.

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@Wheaten i dropped the question at HK as they were calling for a C4 kernel 6.6.y debugging party.
No answer yet.

I am patient.
Volumio runs OK on the K4.9. Till now I’ve no need for a 6.x kernel (want it though to stay current and updated), but for Volumio the current is working.

Thanks for the builds @gkkpch,
i tried the 3.611 on C4@eMMC and lineout.
Have had two issues:

Spotify plugin can not be installed.

All versions 4.0.4 and down to 4.0.1 can’t be installed.
Spotify can not be uninstalled on plugin-manager. Install process on FusionDSP fails then as well. Reboot didn’t help.
After re-flash of eMMC it was possible to install FusionDSP as first step. Installation of Spotify fails same way.
Is there some workaround for that?

The volume level compared to “HiFiBerry DAC+ Zero(on Moode)” is only a half.

I searched for a specs of C4s Lineout. What is the vRMS of C4 lineout?
Is that a settings issue or hardware design issue with volume level?

Has somebody compared the quality C4 vs N2+ vs some HifyBerry(Master clocked)?