Understanding Volumio

I am completely new in the Raspberry world and heard many good things about Volumio. I have some questions that might look stupid but as I am starting, I would need some help….thanks in advance.

  • is it possible to use Volumio on Xbian (natively, Volumio is installed with Raspbian I heard) ?
  • can I use GPMC or MPD clients with interface displaying albums covers to control Volumio ?
  • can I mount my NAS in NFS (or CIFS only) ?

Thank you


That is - if you know how to setup mpd, nginx, php… and Volumio from Github (I am using Volumio on PiBang).


You just have to softlink your music/cover library into a local webserver subdirectory if you want covers displayed on your mpd client.


Thanks for the reply.

I kind of understand how to mount my NAS folders on a local Rpi folder, and then install MPD.
Why are nginx and php necessary ? Is there a tuto somewhre to follow ?

Thanks again.

There is a PiBang thread in Dev talks. Many useful reads in Help and First Start Troubleshooting sections too.

Thank you FauDrei.

I went through your tutorial to install Volumio on PiBang… and I think I managed to install it on Xbian (because when I boot and check on putty terminal, I have the same Volumio “page” as when I log with a Volumio image only…and its native distro).

RIght after the Volumio page comes the Xbian setting page and all works normally.

The question I have is: how can I get the WebUI ? Obviously not with “pibang/”

I tried to connect with GMPC (since I don’t know how to connect with the WebUI) but it failed…
error code 13: cannot connect “Rpi IP @” on port

Any idea ? Thanks…

Hello, anybody could help ? Thank you :unamused: