I have just started using Volumio in a raspberry pi to provide internet radio. :smiley: I live outside the UK, so I have started using unblock-us. The theory is that you access unblock-us via your router, so any devices you have behind the router benefit from the VPN.
OK, so I have tested with my laptop and with another raspberry pi running raspbian, and both these devices behave as if they were in the UK - i.e. I can access BBC radio streams - specifically the usually rights restricted football coverage.
However, this doesnโ€™t work with Volumio. Accessing BBC Radio Five feed for example, still behaves like I am outside the UK and the coverage is restricted.
How comes this set up works Ok for my windows machine and for raspbian, but not volumio? Can anyone help fix this?
Many thanks

You can try to use timing zone of UK, and reconfigure your language with

sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

let me know1

is your vpn catching all tcp ip ports ? or only http/https ?

It is possible that some webradio use alternate ports not catched by your vpn.