Unauthorized debit

after paying for the virtuous annual subscription, I received an additional charge of 12 euros from paddle.net. I need to know how such an unauthorized thing is possible, and how to get a refund.While waiting for an answer, I cancel the virtuous subscription which I use very little. that is fine

Hi Angelo,
Please contact our support and we will help you right away.

done. but unfortunately after several days I still do not receive a reply. it is a serious abuse and I wait another two days, then I go to the postal police. I want to know if it depends on volumio or on this paddle.net site.

yeah, they prob have a delay as the team was visiting/promoting Hiend in Munich.

Angelo, who are you contacting?
From what I know we did not receive any contact from you. @DED will contact you now to see what is happened. My assumption is that you might have had multiple subscriptions or that you upgraded your account (in that case you get a first charge, pro-rated, and then another one at the renewal time of your first subscription end.

Paddle is our payment provider and they are a well established merchant and payment provider, so nothing to be worried about. If there was multiple charges or multiple subscription we will refund you anyway.

Hi! Angelo and I have contacted the Paddle team and the issue was solved.
As Paddle is the payment provider for many other companies, the transaction he found on his bank account was from another service :slight_smile:

solved the mystery my son entered my card in his account without notifying me and then he forgot about everything I already cut off his hands :grin: A volume I have to apologize publicly.