Unable to View Source Desktop Spotify Client as OutPut Device from Spotify Plugin on Volumino RaspberryPi

Hey all, I’ve tried searching around quite a few forums and topic but haven’t found a clean answer to this issue. Perhaps it’s simply not possible? I don’t normally post forum questions as I usually find that indeed, somebody else answered it before me. So hopefully this is okay!

I am trying to trying to use Volumino on my rpi to control my Spotify players between my desktop and work laptop, rather than play as the source. I purchased the official Rpi touch screen so it can act as a neat little desktop Spotify controller. It’s totally unnecessary considering I have the desktop app, but this was a fun project that I thought would also be cool desktop accessory, if nothing else.

I have Spotify premium and Volumino installed on an Rpi 4, 4gb model. I have both the touch input and the Spotify plugins installed but I am unable to view any output devices besides “Headphones”. My source desktop/laptop are connected to a Shiit stack headphone amp/dac/equalizer and so I don’t think I need any sort of DAC installed to the pi itself at this point.

My question then is, why am I not able to view my open Spotify player on the other 2 devices? I can see the Rpi as an output device option on my desktop’s client but just not the reverse. I find it pretty odd that I can see the pi from the desktop but not the desktop from the pi.

This post was a bit rambley so thanks to anyone who suffered their way to the end. Thanks in advance for any ideas!