Unable to login

So, I’ve used ​both v. 1.55 and 2.201 on my Raspberry Pi (1). It boots and in 2.201 I can see a login screen but since I don’t have a keyboard I can’t enter ‘volumio’ and ‘volumio’. Instead I used my laptop to enter volumio.local but it never goes through.

I was able to login using the latter method in my other Raspberry Pi 2.

Any advise? Thank you in advance

Try using the IP address rather than volumio.local.

Edit: ok, didn’t read the OP closely enough … trying to ssh (without saying), see below :slight_smile:

From changelog file: SSH Disabled by default (can be enabled via file or UI)
Please check the doc

Thanks…Any type of file would do? Like a .txt file perhaps?

no, a file without extension. just


Not sure I understand, a file named “ssh”… But what type of file?

Apologies, help still needed…I will create a type named ‘ssh’ in the SD card but what type of file should that be? The instructions are not clear I am afraid

Thanks again

I managed to login after all, thank you