Unable to connect to wifi

I have Volumio version 3.378 running on a Raspberry Pi4 with an Asus USB-AC56 wireless adapter. The Volumio app is loaded on my android phone and under wifi connections I see Volumio-7xxxx. Connection Volumio-7xxx shows connected without internet so I am unable to sign into the app. I assume the Volumio hotspot should be connected to the internet? I am wondering if my wireless adapter is the issue.

I am thinking about trying a different wireless adapter I people are having success with the ASUS USB-AC51. Local to me the ASUS USB-AC53 is easier to get so I was wondering if anyone is having success with this adapter.

This hotspot in Volumio is to configure volumio and it’s internet connection. So enter your credentials for WiFi, finish the config You should be disconnected from the hotspot now and connected to your WiFi. Through the volumio app, you should see your volumio device. Connect to it and connect to MyVolumio :wink:

I was able to figure it out last night but the instructions are dated. At one point I was trying to get the IP address of the Pi4 using ifconfig after bootup but that did not seem to work so I thought my wireless was not working. The quick start guide mentions a name and password for the volumio hotspot but I guess that has been removed. Thanks for the response.