Unable to connect to Volumio after router swap

The Volumio in my Raspberry Pi was working till I changed routers. It was assigned an IP address
The new router’s DHCP’s range of addresses start from to
How do I access my Volumio to change the assigned IP address?
Can anyone please help?

The new router will automatically assign a new IP address within it’s range, via DHCP. On your router interface you should be able to see a list of connected devices, along with their IP address.

Alternatively you can use a phone app, such as Fing.

You can also try to connect to the rPi via:
http://<Player Name>.local

If WiFi and hotspot is enabled, connect to the hotspot and access the rPi

I think your suggestion would work if I did not switch off automatic DCHP.
Is there another way to access Volumio when it has an existing IP address of when my router now assigns IP addresses between and

I did not give it a name.

I think you did, as this is a mandatory field:

  • You can also connect a monitor and keyboard to your rPi and make the changes?
  • Reseat the old router, enable automatic DHCP on Volumio?

If nothing is possible, you need to start from scratch.

I will give this a try. Thanks.

Not to be rude, but why would you disable DHCP? You cannot access this device since it is outside of your current IP range, and most (not all, could be that you can enable/disable this under advanced settings) routers will not lead you to IP addresses outside of the pool. Basically, it needs a new IP, but since you did not use DHCP it will not release this IP either to renew a valid IP. Since your <Volumio player name>.local is just a redirection this will probably not work either. Did you also set a static IP inside Volumio?

So that leaves you after checking the settings for setting static IPs outside the pool with:

  • If possible use keyboard and mouse
  • Bring back the IP pool to how it was, set Volumio to a new IP inside the pool and then set the IP pool back to the new wanted pool
  • If as static IP was not configured: kick Volumio from the router and hope it reappears
  • Lastly, as a last resort reset/reflash Volumio

Thank you everyone. I took the easy way out and re-installed Volumio.